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Terms & Conditions

  • Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of first quotation sent.
  • A deposit may be required before any work commences.
  • Standard deposit is 33%, with the balance due upon completion of work and presentation of invoice.
  • Unless payment terms have been pre-arranged there will be no exceptions without prior approval.
  • Please arrange final payment to be ready on day of fitting or delivery.
  • Payments should be made no later than 3 days after completion. Payments made after this will incur a £10 per day late fee
  • There are no refunds on deposits for goods that have already been purchased or produced.
  • Orders that are delayed or incomplete through no fault of MGM Sign Solutions will be invoiced to include all completed work within 7 days of original installation or delivery date.
  • All signage remains the sole property of MGM Sign Solutions until full payment has been received.
  • Any existing signage that is unpaid will be removed if no resolution has been made regarding payment within a period of 30 days.
  • Non payment also allows full access and right of entry to any private properties to recover such signage.
  • All legal regulations, permits, approvals, etc. are the responsibility of the customer. MGM Sign Solutions cannot be held responsible
    for any violations for the type of sign or the installation of the sign requested or suggested by, or to the customer.


Please note that for vehicle applications all vehicles must be cleaned within 24 hours prior to the installation, if we are required to clean and dry your vehicle our standard hourly labour rate will apply and be added to your invoice.

  • MGM Sign Solution stakes no responsibility for any paint damage to vehicles caused by application or removal of any self adhesive materials.
  • Original factory paint usually will have no issues but resprays and touch ups as well as very old original paint can cause lacquer or paint damage.
  • This is not a result of the vinyl and is completely due to the paint and as there is no way to ascertain the integrity of the lacquer or paint.
  • We cannot be held liable in anyway for damage caused.
  • If you are unsure, we suggest you do not apply anything to your paintwork.
  • If you decide this after giving approval to manufacture your graphics, you will still be liable for the costs incurred less the installation charges.
  • All booking times for installation must be strictly adhered to.
  • Any delays caused on your behalf will be charged out at our standard hourly labour rate.
  • Fitting dates and times are all weather dependant if done at customers premises.
  • We have indoor facilities and recommend you take advantage of this offering.

Designs & Artwork

  • All pricing for works assumes that the client be responsible for supplying print-ready artwork (meaning in CMYK colour format, with all text converted to outlines and images embedded) unless otherwise agreed by MGM Sign Solutions every effort to display as accurately as possible any colours used in your project.
  • Colours do vary slightly depending on your computer screen, files used (RGB & CMYK) and what material the designs are printed on. All designs done by MGM Sign Solutions remain the intellectual property of MGM Sign Solutions and cannot be used by anyone other than those specified by MGM Sign Solutions without prior permission.
  • All designs done by MGM Sign Solutions are copyrighted to MGM Sign Solutions.
  • If a design is used without consent an invoice will be issued to cover any costs.
  • All Hi-Resolution artwork remains the property of MGM Sign Solutions and will not be supplied unless paid for in full, low-resolution files will be supplied for stationery purposes only.
  • Before any work commences, an approved proof and quote is required.
  • All artwork is the responsibility of the customer to check and approve.
  • MGM Sign Solutions cannot be held liable for any mistakes made, whether directly or indirectly caused by MGM Sign Solutions.

Sign Disposal

  • Disposal of old signage is the responsibility of the customer.
  • MGM Sign Solutions are happy to remove your old signage at a cost of £50 to cover costs of disposal at a landfill site.
  • Old signage will be removed and left on site unless agreed for customer disposal.
  • Further charges might be applied if we are required to return to site to collect old signage for disposal.


  • Quotes are based on visual inspections, any additional work that needs to be carried out will be charged for.
  • This relates mainly to fascia signage where it is not possible to see the condition on the structures behind the old signage.
  • These structures are often very old and can have a lot of damage or wood rot and would need to be replaced to ensure safe fitting of the new signage.
  • Work will only continue once approval has been obtained to carry out additional work and a figure agreed on.
  • Any delays on site to complete work or postponement of work could also result in additional charges.

Qulity control

  • Any Graphics applied to used substrates or poor body work will not be covered by our guarantee MGM Sign Solutions always advise customers to buy new substrates from us and to have any poor body work on vehicles to be repaired prior to any graphics being installed.
  • All window, walls, vehicles and any architectural’s should be cleaned prior to any graphics being installed any cleaning required by MGM Sign Solutions will be charged at our hourly rate.
  • Any faults whether structural or cosmetic should be reported to MGM Sign Solutions within 3 days of installation.
  • MGM Sign Solutions offer 12 month warranty on all products and installation unless otherwise stated, should any product fail during this period due to weathering or an error from our fitters must be reported within 3 days failure to do so will wave your right to the warranty.
  • Any product failure will be analyzed by MGM Sign Solutions and a decision will be made by our team as to the cause of the failure if it is decided that the cause of said failure is not the responsibility of MGM Sign Solutions you will be invoiced for any time and products used to analyses and repair the problem.

Rush Orders

  • Time of completion, additional misprints or quality of a project will all be affected during a project being rushed.
  • Any issues with sizing, exact completion time or quality of a project that is rushed faster than our normal production times will be considered a consequence to rushing the project through. We make every attempt to meet your needs, and if timing is the most important factor, it is important to realize quality will likely be impacted. A rush fee will push your project through our system faster than our standard turnaround time, however they do not guarantee an exact deadline.
  • Rush fees are not refundable for any reason.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully As once a deposit has been paid you formally agree to all of the above and no exeptions will be made.